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Case Studies ~ New Baggage Facility - Gatwick Airport

New Baggage Facility - Gatwick Airport

Type: Structural Steelwork
Completed: Friday, 27th April 2007


Supply and Fix Structural Steelwork to provide 2nr. Node Buildings [approx. 200 tonnes], connecting a 141 metre bridge [by others]. Our works are also inclusive of 2nr escape staircases, and internal fire protected walls. Project value £650,000

Caldyne are erecting the Structural Steelwork and metal decking to form 2nr. Node Buildings [due for completion end of January 2007]. These form part of a new baggage facility at North Terminal IDL. The Steelwork commenced mid December 2006, and both new buildings are sited next to, or in between other buildings that are active almost 24hrs per day.