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Case Studies ~ Delta House, Farnborough

Delta House, Farnborough

Type: Commercial
Completed: Friday, 1st September 2006


Refurbishment and structural alteration of existing three-storey office block [approx. 5,500 m2].

Caldyne works included complete strip out of each office floor and the existing Plant room, dismantling existing steel atrium staircases and internal footbridges, new suspended reinforced concrete floors supported off structural steelwork [to provide additional office area], new full height metal staircase, general builders work, carpentry & joinery, finishes, external paving.


Caldyne were always very co-operative throughout their works. They undertook their elements of work in a safe, open, honest, and partnered manner which was a breath of fresh air

David Adams Senior Partner, John Cobb & Partners, Legal And General